Piazzetta – SVEVA 2.0


Piazzetta – SVEVA 2.0

Piazzetta – SVEVA 2.0

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Elegant pellet stove with refined Majolica cladding and top. Forced ventilation heating. Rear smoke outlet. Digital controls, programmable. Remote management, optional humidifier and remote control.

Certified to NEW 2020 EPS Standard

Available colours

Technical data

Heat Input (Low-High burn rate) 15292 – 45325 Btu/hr
Heat Input (Low-High burn rate) 4,5 – 13,2 kW
Burn rate (wet) – Low – High burn rate 0,85 – 2,51 kg/hr
Burn rate (wet) – Low – High burn rate 1,87 – 5,53 lb/hr
Heating Efficiency (LHV basis) 88.2 %
Heating Efficiency (HHV basis) 81.8 %
Overall particulate emission rate 1.155 g/hr
Approximate hopper capacity 66 (30) lb (kg)
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