Lopi Stoves – Rockport Hybrid-Fyre® Wood Stove

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Hand assembled in the USA from beautiful European castings, the Rockport™ Hybrid-Fyre® is one of the cleanest burning and most efficient wood stoves in the world!Hybrid-Fyre® is an award winning technology designed by Lopi® to use less wood, burn hotter fires for longer periods of time, and reduce emissions. In the end, you save money while also minimizing your environmental impact.

Features you’re going to LOVE!

  • Cleverly concealed Bypass Damper for smoke free startups and reloading
  • A single easy-to-use Air Operating Control gives you full command over your burn
  • The large standard Ash Pan makes cleanup effortless
  • Full cast iron convection chamber
  • 400 CFM Fan expedites heated air into your home

The Rockport™ is also compatible with GreenStart™ – a Lopi exclusive and a must for the modern wood burner. Simply load your wood and push a button! Be sure to ask your Lopi® dealer for a demo.



Heating Capacity Up to 2,000 Sq. Feet
Efficiency Up to 76.3%
Maximum Burn Time Up to 10 Hours
Firebox Size 2.15 Cubic Feet
BTU Range 13,760 to 55,466
Maximum Log Size 20″
Emissions 1.7 Grams Per Hour
Weight 450 Pounds
Construction Cast Iron


Model Options

New Iron
New Iron
Oxford Brown Enamel
Oxford Brown Enamel