TO PREVENT CHIMNEY FIRES – Creosote is a highly flammable substance that naturally forms during the combustion process while burning wood. The more creosote that accumulates in your chimney the higher the risk of a chimney’s fire.

TO PREVENT CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING – Cracks or gaps in your firebox or flue are the points of entry for dangerous deadly gases like carbon monoxide to enter into your living area.

Whether you heat your home with wood, coal, gas or oil, over time each of these fuels can create combinations of condensation, acidic build-up or creosote. These naturally forming by-products of combustion can and will, over time, deteriorate the clay flue tiles and mortar inside your chimneys and, if left unattended, can lead to the unthinkable – deadly carbon monoxide gases escaping into the home or chimney fires.

Our certified technicians are trained to identify and remedy any issues that arise from the deterioration of the inner chimney flue and the exterior. We know that protecting your family and home is your # 1 priority so call us today to schedule your chimney sweep and inspection.



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